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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Sound Concept Statement

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a play about a southern family that has its familiar struggles like any other family, is living under the same roof, and shows its’ problems through humor, sexual tensions, and verbal wars. Maggie, the cat, tries to maintain her marriage to Brick in light of holding on to the family fortune because Big Daddy has been diagnosed with cancer and he may have only a short time to live. But Brick has misunderstood her prior relationship with his only real friend, Skipper, who killed himself one night and remains distant to her and the entire household knows and talks about it. Brick drinks throughout the entire play searching for that click in his head when everything starts to make sense, but he is really just avoiding the entire situation. Big Mama will only believe that Big Daddy is going to be fine, until she is confronted by reality. Gooper, Bricks brother, and family have only tried to please Big Daddy and Big Mamma their entire lives and had several children to try and secure the family’s fortune when Big Daddy is gone. It’s a show that works its way through each of the characters problems by being forced to come to grips with reality for their own situation. Resolution for each problem is the key, even to the extent that Big Daddy will die soon.
The music will reflect the southern culture and enhance the setting of the Mississippi Delta southern plantation home. The beginning of the play lets us know that all is not totally calm and right in the household. As we progress through this play we are shed some light on the many problems and relationships between the members of the household and music can build and grow with reflection of this turmoil. There are several requested sound effects by this show and use of those is needed to carry the story forward in many cases or lines would need to be cut. Toward the end of act 2 there is song called “pick a Bale of Cotton” that could be sung by cast members rather than recorded. The other sound effects will be recorded due to the logistics of fireworks, dog howls, etc.
The beginning music will be lighter than what is used in the intermissions because as we progress in the script we work through the turmoil occurring in the script. Intermission between 1 and 2 will show some turmoil and less sedate than the beginning. The music between 2 and 3 will be almost grating and will have a quality that seems mocking or fighting between tones. All of the sound effects themselves will be as realistic as possible in their recorded state. They will not be live because of the problems associated with live fireworks, a howling dog, and a hifi stereo. Finally, the post-show music can be somewhat lighter, calmer, or at least seem to have a conclusion because the conflicts have been resolved or at least confronted by one another and a solution is inevitable.

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